Vuoto is the italian word for emptiness.
In 2017 I made a public call to collect 300 white women to create “emptiness” through their bodies. I personally called each one of them by phone. This experience took place in Pesaro, Italy.
The artwork is inspired by an inner sensation I have experienced when I turned 27: it felt like there was nothing around me and I wanted to share that feeling of absence and solitude, in order to understand it and overcome it.
My team and I were able to group 150 women. All were completely naked, with the only exception of a pair of white tights.
In my work, the woman is the highest expression of the concept of Nature.
Her role is always pivotal and my purpose is to deprive the naked body of its intrinsic eroticism.
In Vuoto I intended to turn the choral nature of a group of bodies into a single, powerful organism.
Art is alive only when it is collective, shared and participated.
Vuoto was an experience shared by women from all over Italy who, by accepting me, have accepted to show their bodies.
Photography was only the final part of the journey. In Vuoto it was meditation, synthesis, reflection and scoria.
It was la fine (the end) but not il fine (the goal).
However, I still feel incomplete. I realised that it is because Vuoto was incomplete. I felt the need to make Vuoto n. 2. This time, I want to call 300 black women. My aim is to include all those women who could not participate in Vuoto n. 1. The result will be a black and white diptych that will make the project complete. While all the people in the world are looking for equality, I believe that it would be nice, for once, to praise diversity. The different colours will make the artworks unique, but they will only be complete when they are taken together.
I believe that works of art are not only artist’s property. Instead, they belong to the people who get in touch with them from when they’re created to when they are displayed. For this reason, Vuoto n. 2 will involve many people, artists and places at the same time.

The artwork Vuoto#1 is in a permanent exhibition at BDC Borgodellecolonne 28, Parma, Italy

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