Vuoto #2

Giuseppe Palmisano – Iosonopipo – Vuoto #2, Reggia di Caserta, 2 ottobre 2018

Vuoto was inspired by an inner sensation I have experienced recently, when I
turned 27

In April 2017 I launched through my site and my social channels a public call open to 300 women. I personally called about 300 women on the phone. On the day of the shot, 150 women showed up at Pescheria Pesaro. For me, women are the highest expression of nature and they play a fundamental role in my work. My purpose and my challenge has always been to deprive her naked body of the intrinsic eroticism. With Vuoto I tried to do it by creating a single, powerful organism.

Art is true and alive only when it is shared and participated in. Emptiness was an experience shared by women of all ages from all over Italy, who having confidence in me have agreed to show themselves and get involved. The photo was only the final part of this journey, it was the mediation, the synthesis, the slag; it was la fine (the end) but not il fine (the goal).

As I came to the end I still felt incomplete, I realized that I was because Vuoto was incomplete. So I felt the need for Vuoto#2. This time I made a public call to 150
black women. My intent is to include all those women who could not participate in Vuoto No. 1.

The result will be a black and white diptych, which will make the project complete.

In the world I often hear about equality, I would like at least once to celebrate diversity. On the occasion of Vuoto #2 I invited the Pope to take part in the work through an open letter.