All the works which don’t belong to any specific art form. They range from mixed media and participatory laboratories to social media projects


Family is a project started in 2015.

It is about a different kind of humanity, in contrast with our modern times,

where all human emotions are

exaggerated and taken to the extreme and this leads to a loss in honesty.

The characters from Family return people and they keep all on the inside, offering small doses of
themselves to one another. This is an hymn to tenderness: biologicalfamily does not mean necessarily

natural family. Sometimes, we're all just an incredibly expanded family.


Throughout my whole career, social medias have been an indispensable tool: not just in numeric terms, but

especially in the way in which those numbers converted in real, active community.

Vuoto's open calls happened through social medias for a reason: my followers helped me to realise and

sustain both of the editions of the project.
Art is truthful only when it is shared.

In 2018 I decided to create a new Instagram page, called @nonmiappartiene (eng. "It doesn't belong to me").
When it reached the 1000 followers I shared the password with everybody and, in the next ten hours, a
series of post, ideas and connections took place, until Instagram decided to delete the page.

After some considerations on the failure of the mean itself, I started creating posts on my real profile

(@iononsonopipo) in which I actively interact with all the people who follow me.

In 2019 I created another project on Instagram: @365pipo.

In that project, I asked to 365 people to take a picture of me: a different person for every day of the year.


My workshops and my laboratories are a sum of all the different journeys of didactic and sharing I’ve experienced during my career. From theatre to photography, from performance to participatory art, these kind of events have always been a way to create a bound with the people who follow me, to inspire them but most importantly to inspire me through their views. ’ve travelled around Italy with a workshop on my vision of photography and I’ve worked with the students from the IED of Rome in order to create a performance inside the MACRO Museum. Finally, I’ve elaborated “QmQ” - Qualche Metro Quadro (a few metres squared), a workshop in which we created a participate work of art from a little space given to us by a festival.


An ongoing cycle of twenty-seven art exhibitions: the idea was to set up and exhibit the
same 36 photos in different Oltrepensare 36x27 is an ongoing cycle of twenty-seven art exhibitions: the idea was to set up and exhibit the same 36 photos in different places and through different devices. 
36x27. A formula is both mathematical and symbolical. 36 poses are the historicized form of the camera roll, as thought by Kodak. 27 were my years at the moment. 
I put for sale 27 copies of each of the 36 photos on my website and asked people to take care of them until the next exhibition. All the matrix of the photos has been canceled, making those who acquired them the collectors of the whole cycle. The idea was to show it is possible for artistic research to be sustained by the people interested in it and not only by the art system. 
The project remained unfinished both because of the selling of iosonopipo’s identity and most importantly because the 36 photos have been destroyed during shipping. and through different devices.
My aim is to connect people through the enjoyment of art.

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