I come from the theatre and clownery, my work has always been based on empathy and sharing. Performance is just one of the natural consequences of my need to get deeply in touch with others. Art is truthful only when it’s shared.


I played with the repetition in the act of undress our self. It's a thought on nudity, circularity in life, women’s various ages, birth, growth and time.


Atipografia, Arzignano (VI), 2016.

Pics by

 Thank’s to Fabio Cinti, Milena Marzotto.


Vuoto is a cycle of performances, is a project born in 2017 which, three years from then, has involved more than 400 women of every age and nationality. It is a performative cycle started with two open calls to 300 women - 150 white women and 150 black women - and it came to conclusion with the shot of analogic photographies



Centro Arti Visive "Pescheria", Pesaro , 2017


As I reached the end Vuoto1 I still felt incomplete: I soon realized that I felt like that because Vuoto itself was incomplete. In June 2018 I posted another open call, this time addressed to 150  black women,

No’s are infinite Yes. The impossibility of realizing Vuoto #2 in the same place as the first one brought it to the Royal Palace of Caserta. On October 2nd, 2018, 12 women coming from all around Europe became Vuoto#2. It was praise to failure, to transformation. It is the manifesto of the thought that drives my artistic journey these days: the synthesis always lies within the unexpected.



Reggia di Caserta, Caserta, 2018


Il Vostro Vuoto was a project entirely organised by the women who couldn’t attend Vuoto I or Vuoto II.
They had to find the place to set it and show up there on the 25th of June 2019, with a pair of colourful

tights. In exchange, I promised and assured them of my presence on that day.

The only two things I wanted to keep of this experience were a two-hour voice recording of the women in

their tights and their e-mails. They voluntarily decided to take pictures of it.



Mo.Ca, Brescia, 2019

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