On November 4th I sold  my artistic identity as "iosonopipo" on eBay, a kind of performance inside me, an exploration of my intimacy cut off from one of the most important parts of my life.


“By means of staged photography, the human body and everyday space, Giuseppe’s photographs are transformed into an atmosphere of humor and mystery, a theatrical effect of absurdity and joyous color, and even with an implication of eeriness and delusion. Palmisano’s work contains signs of transcendence and metaphor amongst everyday realistic plight. People appear to be able to escape, or hide from the pressure of the real world by entering the image of the artist’s imagination.”


Feng Boyi

oltrepensare (36x27)



 On October 14th, 2012, in an apartment located in Corso Genova, Milan, in the exact moment in which Mariella was wearing a lampshade, I understood. From that day, throughout the whole following year, I searched inside of me the coordinates of that first vision and, time after time, the grammar of a need has emerged. I was born as a clown and the ability not to take myself seriously has allowed me to look at this emersion, at its potential conflict, with an ironic detachment which later became the very skin of this imaginary. 

I never really cared about photography. I look at it as a dross of my watching observe things. I let my feminine play in camouflage between furniture. When I was no longer afraid to recognize and deeply know it, I realized those poses were just the medium and the scenario of this observed conflict. In that moment, oltrepensare was born, I sold my reflex and I stopped photographing for nine months. My story is a mixture of absences.  

When you stop talking and acting, a living space is generated. In those months a lot of things happened. Touching the epicentre of my most intimate question has allowed me to touch, unwillingly, an infinite number of others’ questions. Those images didn’t belong to me anymore and they didn’t concern me, exactly as all the things that had ever taken shape in and through me.

Everything I reach does not belong to me and everything that does not belong to me, I can let it go. In the first 4 minutes and 33 seconds of the year 2016, I performed John Cage’s composition in three movements, which bears that same name. It was an act of absolute love, revolution and subtraction which, in the very act of reproducing, puts itself at risk as a possibility for the pure and unmediated expression of the World. The most synthetic, intimate and complex gesture of an entire biography, that becomes universal listening, full and fragile with life.

This way of reflecting myself into the void without any protection, gave me back the awareness that I didn’t need to identify nor to reproduce myself in something I had already recognised and made my own. Even that form no longer belonged to me and I was ready to move on, regardless where. 

Therefore, on November 4th, 2019, I leave you Iosonopipo: 

123 photos, 1615 certificates, the website, the e-mail, the social accounts. 

This heritage of images is the result of a deep respect for women, of an agreement that was renewed continuously with the girls with whom these dialogues were born. Without their trust, it is probable that this would have remained a karst river. That is why I feel the urge to bring my gratitude through to the end and to dedicate to them and to all women this last act. However, words do not exhaust this gratitude. The feminine I found within me helped me realize how vital and necessary is for men to learn how to cultivate it. Pure masculine is principle of destruction and self-destruction, of death, and never as today the entire ecosystem is suffering the extreme consequences of this purity. On the other hand, feminine is life, it is resiliency, it is listening and germination and our only chance of salvation lies in its final affirmation. I am aware of the extent of this potential conflict, even if I keep on hoping it can be a reconciliation instead, a renewed and future equilibrium. 

For all these reasons and much more, even if I can’t demand it, I ask to whoever will buy the legal right to use the identity I created, put to work and sold, to take care and have respect of what moved this urgency in and through me. I therefore hope that, in the event of any gains connected with the transfer of this identity, a part of them will be donated to those who commit themselves everyday to the protection and care of women victims of violence and to a gender education finally relieved from any patriarchal and homophobic claim.

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