- dialogo tra Giuseppe e un albero -

This process has started over the course of the summer, with a first collective action named “Ti prometto che crescerò” (eng. I promise you I will grow). By translating the Nut Theory by James Hillman and Fukuoka’s practice, I wrote the phrase “Ti prometto che crescerò” with 180 disks made with clay coming from the hills of the city, containing 26 different types of seeds, on a conflictual terrain vague in Bolognina - a neighbourhood in Bologna. A call through my social media involved all the people that helped me realise this first action.

Marianna Fornaro / Altrospazio  ©

 Over the course of this past year I felt the need to create a triptych of actions which could be summed up as “Il Ciclo della Vita” (eng. The Cycle of Life).

41189 orecchiette (Nacque). Una focaccia (Crebbe). Una polpetta (Morì). Through three typical dishes of my native land - Apulia - and through a complex, long, diffused project, I would like to draw my emotional, human and artistic constellation, making it become a collective biography. 

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