What really interests me and what I managed to accomplish in these years thanks to the support and to the enthusiasm of the ones who discovered me, is the possibility of transforming a virtual empathy in a concrete relationship, in bodies capable of being emotional together.


I’ve never looked for models, but for women. I’ve never looked for backgrounds, but for living spaces. The synthesis always lies within the unexpected that let us float above the chaos, on the thin line between being and not being.  If places are destinies and meetings are destinies, if we’re dreamed by necessity, the listening itself becomes a choice. 


In the summer of 2016 I made an installation in the province of Lecce (Puglia).
"Questa è una casetta di Legno" in Italian means "This is a little wooden house".
I asked everyone to come inside this wooden house one by one and not to use cellphones. It has been a moment far away from everyday life for all of the participants; a moment in the darkness of nature, which was standing there light and harmless. It has been a mirror for all the people who came inside. There has been an infinite line at the entrance, given by the curiosity for the unknown. The ones who came inside, maybe frightened by the dark, maybe just for curiosity, were searching for a light switch and this is what they saw when they found it.

EN: now is the most dangerous place in the world

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