ctrl+y” – Atipografia- Arzignano, Italy – 2106

Vuoto” – Centro Arti Visive Pescheria – Pesaro, Italy – 2017

Vuoto#2” – Reggia di Caserta- Caserta, Italy – 2018


“Oltrepensare36x27“ – 2016
Begun in 2016 ongoing cycle of twentyseven exhibitions.
In each one I will arrange the same 36 photos with different devices. My aim is to connect people through the enjoyment of my art. Furthermore the pictures never came back to me, someone will just take care of them till the next exhibition.

2018 Roma, Le Tartarughe, Biennale Martelive

2018 Bologna, OFF, Bologna Design Week

2017 Torino, mostra itinerante in appartamenti

2017 Milano, Santeria Social Club

2016 Civita Castellana, Art Ceram

Group Exhibitions

2017 4th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts\STRESS FIELD, Hubei Museum of Art, China