Giuseppe Palmisano (b. 1989) is an Italian artist from Ceglie Messapica, in Apulia region.

He combines the theatrical experience with photographic research, giving life to performances and collective works of great impact and great aesthetic sense. He began his career as an actor and clown to arrive at photographic research. In 2015 he publishes his first book "Oltrepensare". In 2017 he made "Vuoto" a piece of art involved 150 women. In 2019 he sold his artistic identity as "iosonopipo" in an auction on eBay. 

He's currently based in Bologna


On November 4th, 2019, on the day of my thirtieth birthday,
I sold on eBay the artistic identity of iosonopipo as a way of
detaching myself from my past and from all those things
and visions that I no longer felt belonged to me or to my
personal artistic growth.


I repeated the performance Vuoto at the Royal
Palace of Caserta with an open call to 150 black women.
In June 2019 “Il Vostro Vuoto” (eng. “Your Vuoto”) took place at the
Mo.Ca in Brescia: it was an experimental performance in which I
asked to the women that - for one reason or another - could not
take part in the last two editions of Vuoto, to create their own
performance, at their own terms.


I gathered 300 women and I photographed them. From that
performance I made a single analogue photo that I called “Vuoto”.
In September of the same year my first collective exhibition,
curated by Feng Boyi, took place in China in the Museum of Hubei.


I started a new project called Oltrepensare36x27, an ongoing
cycle of twenty-seven art exhibitions: the idea was to set up and exhibit the
same 36 photos in different places and through different devices.
My aim is to connect people through the enjoyment of art.


 I published my first book, titled Oltrepensare. 

In the same period, many international magazines and websites began to define my photographic style with the term “Absurd Erotism”, as a definition for a new artistic movement.


I started a new photographic
exploration based on the figure of the woman, seen as the
highest expression of nature and I created iosonopipo.






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