My name is Giuseppe Palmisano, I was born on november 4th, 1989, in Ceglie Messapica, a small town in Puglia, Italy.

I grew up among flour and traditions that pushed me into theater and clownerie. All this, mixed up with a strong fascination for symbols, aesthetics and scenography, made me buy a camera and so I start to investigate the relationship between man and space (in particular with the surrounding objects).

I moved to Rome where I used to play in a theatrical company. Overall, i changed address twelve times, moved through five different towns, lived within ten different cohabitations. In 2012, I fell in love and came back to my roots. There I start a new photographic exploration based on woman as the highest expression of Nature. The role of the woman is always pivotal and my purpose is to deprive the naked body of its intrinsic eroticism.

I live in Bologna since 2014.

In 2015 I published my first book,  “Oltrepensare”, and in the same year many different international magazines and websites defined my photography “Absurd Erotism”, a sort of new artistic movement. In 2016 I made my first performance called “ctrl+y”. In 2017 I gathered 300 women and I shot them altogether into a single analogue photo called “Vuoto”. In november 2016 is begun “Oltrepensare36x27”, an ongoing cycle of twentyseven exhibitions. In each one I will arrange the same 36 photos with different devices. My aim is to connect people through the enjoyment of my art. Furthermore the pictures never came back to me, someone  will just take care of them till the next exhibition.